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Jul, 2017

2018 Player Assessment Dates

The club is now under the 2nd year of our new format of our player assessments and placement.  With this new format players are assessed throughout the entire season by both their coach and the technical coaches ( where appropriate ); and assessed at the upcoming age group player assessment and placement sessions .  The selection committee attending the 2018 player assessment and placement sessions will both evaluate players thoroughly on the day and use feedback from the previous years coaches and technical coaches to best place players on appropriate teams.  It should go without saying that players can only improve their standing by attending the evaluations.With assessments being made throughout the year by coaches and the age group technical coaches we believe we will have a very good foundation to work from when it comes to selecting the 2018 teams.  This set up though does allow for players to stand out, but also allows for players and parent to know that a "bad day" will not necessarily change placement.

Attached are the dates and times.  All sessions will take place on Saints field on the campus of CSS starting Tuesday August 8th for our younger league teams. 

For our 04, 05 and 06's the first session will be a skills based assessment and the second a scrimmage based assesment 

For our young tournament only teams we will likely hold the normal kick around opportunity for them later in the Fall so they can just play for an hour as no assessments take place during these slots.

Tuesday August 8th
5 to 6:30 Boys '05
6:30 to 8 Girls '05
8 to 9:30 Boys '04
Wednesday August 9th
5 to 6:30 Boys '06
6:30 to 8 Girls '06
8 to 9:30 Girls '04
Thursday August 10th
5 to 6:30 Girls '03
6:30 to 8 Boys '03
8 to 9:30 Girls '02
Friday August 11th
3:30 to 5 Boys '02
5 to 6:30 Girls '00 and '01
6:30 to 8 Boys '01
8 to 9:30 Boys '00
Saturday August 12th
10 to 11 Boys '06
11 to Noon Girls '06
Noon to 1 PM Boys '04
1 to 2 Boys '05
2 to 3 Girls '05
3 to 4 Girls '04